Daniel Edwards - "Special K, 2013" - 6 Color Screenprint - Edition of 30


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ARTIST - Daniel Edwards

TITLE - "Special K (Fetal Portrait of Baby Kimye), 2013"

MEDIUM - 6 color hand pulled screenprint on Coventry Rag 320gsm archival paper.

SIZE - 11"x23"


Signed, numbered on the front by the artist.

Certificate of Authenticity included.

PLEASE NOTE: This piece is in reference to the baby of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West.


Daniel Edwards (born 1965, La Porte, Indiana) is an American sculptor whose pieces address celebrity and popular culture in ways that have often stirred controversy. The release of the pieces is generally accompanied by press releases. He includes the idea of promotion and associative fame in his own marketing of his art. In 2013 Daniel became the unofficial head of the sculpture department at Cal State Stanislaus in Turlock.

Edwards got his start as a mask maker in 1980 working for Death Studios in La Porte, Indiana, where he received his first sculpture training from Jeff Keim.  He sculpted the comic character Zippy the Pinhead for Death Studios in 1983 under the guidance of its creator Bill Griffith.  From 1981 to 1984, other works by Edwards for Death Studios were published in Starlog, Fangoria, Cinemagic, Heavy Metal, Questar, and Playboy magazines.

In 1985, at the invitation of fashion illustrator Antonio Lopez, Edwards made his first visit to New York City.  Edwards frequently spent time at Antonio’s studio from 1985 to 1986, where he was occasionally encouraged to draw alongside Antonio, from the models hired to pose for Antonio’s 1001 Arabian Nights. 

In 1986, Edwards was briefly introduced to Andy Warhol by Antonio at New York’s Palladium, where Lopez and Warhol were judging a transsexual beauty contest.  It was there that Antonio suggested that Edwards enroll at Warhol’s new school, The New York Academy of Art.  

On a scholarship paid for by Andy Warhol’s estate, Edwards attended the New York Academy of Art from 1988 to 1990, and is, occasionally, an adjunct member of the faculty there.  During his student years at the academy, Edwards was studio assistant to minimalist sculptor Glen Seator. 

Daniel’s work often makes headline stories on E! News, Yahoo News, The Washington Post, ABC TV, CBS News,TIME Magazine, CNN, Perez Hilton, Gawker, NBC TV, MSNBC TV, BBC News, Fox News Channel, MTV, and more.

:::Selected Sculptures:::

“Monument to Pro-Life: The Birth of Sean Preston” - a life-sized nude and pregnant Britney Spears sculpture laying on a bear rug.

“Landmark for PEace Memorial” - Sculptures of Martin Luther King Jr and Robert F. Kennedy for the memorial in Indianapolis.

“Justin and Selena as One” - nude sculpture of Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber