Talent development:

To attract talents with development, to encourage talents by career prospect, to train talents by work, to assess talents by performance.

We treat employees as the most valuable assets,and adopt a long-term development vision to find talents, develop talents, usetalents, fully tap the potential of employees, promote personal growth and the growth of the company.


Training system:

Chemo Wanbang attaches great importance to the construction of talents and the career development of employees. Through continuous training and development of staff, we strive to create a team with high quality and creativity.

The company's training system is as follows:

New employee training: Help new staff to know the company and quickly integrate into the team;

Safety training: Provide a safe work place, and be responsible for employees' safety;

Job skills training: Improve staff'sprofessional skills and ensure efficient division of labor;

Management skills training: Enhancing the comprehensive quality of employees and shaping the core competitiveness.

Career development channel:

In order to optimize allocation of human resources, strengthen the continuing development of talent teams, and provide aplatform for staff development, the company set up the management and technical two-way promotion channel, as follows:

Elite oath:

Today, I choose to challenge.

The road is full of hardships and opportunities.

I will try my best to create a miracle of life

Let's start now:

Be grateful to others, and restrain yourself,

Do your best and treasure everything!

Team culture:

The "Military, School, and Family"team culture has always been with Chemo Wanbang since the very beginning.

At the military level: We emphasize discipline,conscientiousness, and the effectiveness of executing of plans;

At the school level: We emphasize continuous learning and two-way motivation to achieve the purpose of improving employees' learning ability;

At the family level: We emphasize harmony,unity, and desire to achieve the goal of enhancing corporate cohesion.

Our company has the ability to execute like thearmy, has the learning potential of a school, and stick together like a family.

Wenot only work together, but also better ourselves with each other like classmates and comrades.